Thermal and Acoustic Polyester Insulation

Temper™ Cloud Polyester is proud to be 100% NZ made from lofted thermally bonded polyester fibres. The polyester is bonded using a low melt polyester providing excellent loft and durability. Temper™ Cloud Polyester is available in both blanket and segment form, additionally made to order in various widths or R-Values depending on the clients requirements of the New Zealand Building Code.

• Manufactured using 100% polyester fibre made from plastic bottles

• Will not cause irritation, soft to touch and can be torn across the width

• Will create a healthier building environment and wont slump over time

• Vermin resistant

• Non-combustible and does not absorb moisture

• Will absorb noise to create a quieter environment

• 50 year durability warranty

Glasswool Insulation

Temper™ Guard Glass Wool is a resin bonded thermal insulating material made using up to 70% recycled glass for use in framed walls, ceilings and roofs in domestic and commercial construction. Our Temper™ Guard Glass Wool is flexible, easy to install, is soft to touch and available in blanket and segment form. When installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations it will perform for a minimum of 50 years, meeting the requirements of NZBC H1.

• Manufactured using up to 70% recycled glass and meets New Zealand Building code (NZBC)

• Easy to install, cuts easily using a standard Stanley knife, flexible and soft to touch

• Vermin resistant, 100% bio-soluble posing no risk to health.

• Cost-effective, compared with products of similar R-Value

• Non-Flammable