Temper™Therm sets new standards in PIR insulated board systems.

Our advanced range of PIR internal wall panels are locally made and specifically designed for New Zealand environments. Our PIR insulated wall panels offer a superior range of onsite solutions for any kind of residential or commercial environment.

Our insulated wall panels range includes:

  • Top quality locally made panels
  • Full selection of colours
  • Products can be cut up to 24m
  • Invisible fasteners
  • High-performance low expansion and contraction
  • Quick installations to reduce build times.
  • Up to 50% energy cost savings
  • Insurer-approved construction

Our wall panels are the latest products on the market, offering major benefits and performance values for many different types of insulation, including internal ceiling panels. PIR internal wall panels and PIR ceiling panels deliver high-cost efficiencies in terms of energy usage and long product life.

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